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To ensure maximum return of your IT investments you need to have a consultancy session with an IT Consultant. There are countless new technologies evolving which may assist businesses to materialize further growth. When Carrot Agile IT is offering free IT consultations then why not get in touch with us today to arrange your personalized 30 Minutes Complimentary Consultation? We do provide customized solutions for our Clients’ IT needs. Before getting started with an approach, an IT consultant will attend to your choices and set business priorities, would enquire to suggest the best possible strategy and future plan of action. Regardless of your company size, we provide a free IT consultation to inspect areas which need consideration by performing a quick review of your current network infrastructure. It will give a better idea of your IT needs and technologies mostly deployed at your premises.

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Why Carrot IT?

Here is a look at all the different IT support solutions offered by Shenzhen Carrot Agile IT Service Ltd.

A. Information Technology Made Easy

Here at Shenzhen Carrot Agile IT Servies Ltd., we strive to simplify the task of bringing Outsourced IT solutions that fits your business needs. We have spent countless hours working with many world class both local and cloud applications, solutions and hosting providers. With over 15 years of broad SME and Corporate IT experience, we have real world, working knowledge with only the best in class business applications.

What value we bring to you is a consolidation of all this knowledge, to offer you only the best solutions for your company’s growing needs. We walk with you on your path to success, watching and supporting your growth. Making sure that your tools and applications grow with you. What might fit today may not fit tomorrow. The world is ever changing. We know this, and we adapt. We make sure that you keep up to date.

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B. Outsourced IT Solutions Custom Built For Your Business

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We custom build all of our IT service and support packages based on your specific, individual need, because no two businesses are exactly alike. At Shenzhen Carrot Agile IT Services Ltd., we offer top tier outsourced remote IT support with custom built SLA’s to suit your business needs. We help build an effective and streamlined application portfolio that will support your business growth.

Additionally, we have a highly qualified Business Process Optimization team who you could offload your mundane, low value tasks to. We can automate and manage these tasks for you, to save you considerable time and money when you calculate what it’s costing your business annually.

We provide you with weekly and monthly reports, as well as frequent business review meetings so that you always know exactly what value we’re bringing to you.

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C. Upgrading Your Business To The Cloud

We work with world leaders in Cloud hosting providers to bring you the fastest, most efficient and flexible platforms available, at highly affordable prices. Having implemented and managing numerous e-Commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning, Collaboration and Content Management platforms, we tailor make every solution to your company’s specific needs.

Combining the power of Open Source applications, and the flexibility of our Cloud providers, we offer your business highly available and scalable applications to help you grow and evolve. Every application is hand picked, rigorously tested, and proof of concept delivered to you to ensure you get exactly what you need. We migrate, manage and maintain full cloud or hybrid cloud environments, based on Microsoft Windows or Linux. Combined with device management, both mobile and PC, and our Business In a Box product, you will have world class security features to protect your entire workforce and business data.

Trust us to have your business up and running in no time, with minimum intervention and zero hassle. Contact us today for a consultation.

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D. Our Vision And Mission

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“One-stop IT services” Help you to improve your IT to fulfill the company’s business objective, reduce risk, improve staff effectiveness.


To effectively accelerate business transformation into the digital era, by creating a truly valuable digital company that can guide our business partners in an effective, inspirational and sustainable manner.

We make IT work for you. At Carrot Agile IT Services Ltd., we’ll find a way.