Servers Solutions

Every business organization has its own data, applications, services and information requirements that need to be managed. The organization can choose to get them managed inside or outside the network. Whitehats has designed different types of hardware independent solutions that can meet customers’ business requirements. They can have their services hosted in an environment with highly secure permissions. The customers can also get these services managed centrally in a fully permission-able environment. Get in touch with Whitehats to know about the different server solution options that we can provide.

File Server Solutions

You are a new startup business and want to have all the files of your company stored in a central server? As a huge corporate company, you are concerned...
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Printer Server Solutions

As a new startup company, you want to optimize working conditions with a centralized printing facility? You are a large corporate firm with...
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Application Server Solutions

As a new company, you are looking to have dedicated servers for specific applications? You are tired of paying huge amount of...
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