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As a new company, you are looking to have dedicated servers for specific applications? You are tired of paying huge amount of money for using several copies of single software on numerous workstations? You have just realized the importance of application based servers and the effect they can have on your overall business plans? You are looking for set of pros that can setup such servers at your workplace according to your demands?  Carrot Agile IT  is a company whose qualified staff of IT engineers is well versed in setting up such kind of application based servers.

 Carrot Agile IT  has a team of IT professionals that has expertise to install all kind of application servers at your office no matter which hardware or software you want to use. You’ll never find our IT engineers to apologize you for not having adequate knowledge of any kind of installation.

We don’t only provide our customers with installation and setup services but we also advise them about the kind of hardware they should be using. Our team will prepare a whole proposal for our client so that they never have to be bothered about technical glitches just because they didn’t have proper knowledge of right equipment at the time of installation.

 Carrot Agile IT  has wide range of proficiency in setting up various application based servers related to

  • Data Entry
  • Accounting
  • ERP
  • CRM

Above mentioned categories are just few of the huge categories of application server solutions that are provided by our experienced crew of IT professionals. We provide complete server solution from installation of the devices to the condition of up-and-running. We are also going to provide you with guidance of right kind of applications according to your business requirements as it’s also one of our fields of expertise.

 Carrot Agile IT  is a company that believes on providing cutting edge services and solutions to its customers. Serving you according to your demands is something that is taken very seriously by our experienced team of IT engineers.

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