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Benefits of Using File Server for Businesses

Small business organizations can make many smart investments in their IT department. One such investment is buying the File Server. Here are the benefits that it would get from using a dedicated File Server and Does Your Business Need Enterprise Server Solutions in Shenzhen?

Remote Access

When you have access to a dedicated File Server, you can easily access all information remotely. Remote access of information can be critical in many scenarios. One example can be extraction of data from a remote branch. Even if an employee is not present in the company you can still access their data via File Server. However, if you have the files you need locked in that employee’s PC, you would have to wait for that employee to come and send them to you. Or ask someone to extract those files and send to the office. With a dedicated File Server Solutions in Shenzhen, you do not need to get through all such kinds of headaches.

Centralized Management of Permissions

When you use a File Server, you can easily access all your files from one central location. On the other hand, imagine if you hard all your company’s data spread on different PCs. It would have become impossible to control permissions for confidential files. The File Server lets you control access so that there is minimal chance of your business information getting leaked to competitors. Therefore, File Server is also important to ensure that your business data is saved.

Data Security & Backup

Most of the small sized business organizations are managing peer to peer network. In this case the files are only stored on local drives. However, if the hard disk of that particular PC fails, it would be a big disaster to deal with. This would mean losing everything, even critical business information which may be worth a lot of money. One example can be losing a database of customers built over the years. This is one example of the terrible scenarios you may come across without a dedicated File Server. A File Server creates backups so you do not have any problems saving the data.  

Data Recovery Made Easy

There are many awesome data recovery features available within the File Server. You could easily retrieve files without any problems. Many advanced File Servers save files in different old and new versions. You could easily retrieve any file that you accidently deleted. You can also enjoy the Shadow Copy Services offered by software so that you can cope with any missing files.

Monitor Your Employees

Dedicated File Servers also offer support through which you can monitor your employees. It means tracking the users’ activities. This means protecting vital files and monitoring any data which is sent into or from your organization. You would also be able to have a look at the websites which your network users are accessing to protect from malicious file downloads that may create a lot of havoc.

Increase User Control

The File Server ensures management of all passwords from central location. You would be able to create new users within no time. Similarly deleting a user form the system would ensure access denied to the entire system of files. So if you have fired a disgruntled employee, you do not need to worry about unauthorized access. The employee would not be able to do any harm to your business.

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