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Print Server Solutions

As a new startup company, you want to optimize working conditions with a centralized printing facility? You are a large corporate firm with multiple departments and are looking for solutions to cut down your printing costs? You want to make printing of documents at your workplace to be more secure and bring it under a check?  Carrot Agile IT  Print Server Solutions is your key to resolve all the printing related issues at your office.

 Carrot Agile IT  has a team of IT experts who have enough experience to install print servers in your company that will integrate all the fruits of centralized printing. Some of the features that you can enjoy with a Print Server include

  • Control over printing of documents
  • Monitor printing of pages
  • Complete report related to printing
  • Get the count of prints taken

Print Server Solutions of  Carrot Agile IT will not only allow you to have prints taken from your ordinary computer based files but form other IT based devices as well. Some of these devices include

  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

Connectivity issues of your portable devices with printing devices will also be resolved once you start utilizing print Server solutions from  Carrot Agile IT . Another benefit of our printer servers is that now instead of installing and spending money on printers for individual workstation or department, you can integrate printing of all your company to one or small set of printers.

Networking based printing will ensure the security of your files.

 Carrot Agile IT  print Server solutions are based on the principles of Green Computing. It means that there will be less power consumption, lesser cost of printing and even lesser printing of pages.

Usage of Green computing in our Print Server Solutions is best of both world as it is both environment friendly and helps you cut down your price of operating as well. Efficient energy usage also increases the lifespan of your equipment which means that less has to be paid for hardware requirements as well.

Due to their connection with main network of your computer, Print Solutions from  Carrot Agile IT will help you get your documents printed remotely even when you are not present in the office.

 Carrot Agile IT  offers you the best team of IT professionals that take pride in delivering the best services which is matched none by in the market. We make sure that requirements of our clients are met to even the last detail. So if you were looking for a perfect blend of excellence and experience to have print server solutions, then  Carrot Agile IT  is the company you should be contacting.

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