“The London Eye” – OCT Happy Harbor under the “Bay Area Light” Ferris Wheel

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Following the Happy Coast, the “PLUS version”-Happy Harbor, launched by OCT in Shenzhen, has also entered the countdown stage for its overall appearance. With the official rounding of the “Bay Area Light” Ferris wheel, the focal point of the C position, a number of formats planned for the complex have also announced their debut dates. […]

What is File Server: Definition, Types, Examples, Advantages, Disadvantages

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What is File Server In computer network, file server is a super performing computer system that has responsible for storing and fetching all types of files (audio file, images, video, database, and other documents), and these files are used by all client machines which are linked over the network. A file server allows users to transfer […]

Office 365 Migration for MP Optical Communications Inc

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MP Optical Communications was incorporated in September 1999, as a joint venture with Methode Electronics Inc. (Listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange) and Photonic Marketing Corporation, a Rhode Island company, to design and manufacture optical products in China. Originally planning to produce optical transceivers, prevailing market conditions dictated a new path; fiber optic cable assembly. Indeed, […]

How to resolve the issue java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

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One of our client’s CLASSIC ACCESSORIES java application in a single server. If we try to load all these applications simultaneously, some will not load and some will be slow. When we check tomcat’s log file catalina.out, it says, java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space. The cause of this is explained below, Normally java applications are allowed […]

How it all began

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“How It All Began” is the wonderful new novel from Booker Prize winner Penelope Lively.  Below from NY TIMES The plot of Penelope Lively’s vital new novel is one big snowball: an avalanche of events that starts with the mugging of an elderly woman named Charlotte Rainsford one fine April day in London. By the […]