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Office 365 Migration for MP Optical Communications Inc

MP Optical Communications was incorporated in September 1999, as a joint venture with Methode Electronics Inc. (Listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange) and Photonic Marketing Corporation, a Rhode Island company, to design and manufacture optical products in China. Originally planning to produce optical transceivers, prevailing market conditions dictated a new path; fiber optic cable assembly. Indeed, MP Optical was a market pioneer; the first such company in China.

2019-12 Shenzhen Carrot Agile IT help their Shenzhen office to migrate the whole company email system to Microsoft Office 365. We start with below plan.

Office Email Migration Plan

Section I: New Office 365 Setup

  1. Register office 365 ;
  2. Email Address set up On Server, need an email list, etc.;
  • Send Email notification to office staff ->before two days of the change, send the new web access with the email;

Section II: Client-Side setup

  • Office Staff
    • Install office 365 software for all staff;
    • Download all emails to local computer for all staff;
    • Basical training on office outlook usage;
  • Out of office Staff
    • Remote to their computer
    • Install office 365
    • Download all emails to their local computer

Section III: Transfer to office 365

  • Email notification to important customers;
  • DNS migration ;
  • Setup outlook for every office employee;
  • Setup outlook for every traveling staff;
  • Confirm email can be received on office 365;
  • Confirm email can send on office 365;
  • Confirm all users working fine on office 365;

With good planning, and work together with MP Optical Communications Inc global IT department, we smoothly transfer their email system to Microsoft Office 365 within two months.

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